Vrtik Medicare Pvt.Ltd.


    Broad patient access to safe and effective medicines through a free market,

    Strong material possession incentives

     And clear, effective regulation and a free flow of data to patients. 

                   Vrtik was shaped to represent India’s bio pharmaceutical analysis firms and ask for essential alignment between public policy and medical analysis to deal with patient wants.
Our offices in leading bio pharmaceutical analysis communities, Vrtik advocates in Asian country and round the world on public policy problems important to the invention and development of innovative medicines.

Vrtik History 

Who We Are 

  Vrtik mission is to conduct effective support for public policies that encourage discovery of necessary new medicines for patients by pharmaceutical and biotechnology analysis firms. To accomplish this mission, Vrtik is devoted to achieving these goals in Asian country and world:

Our mission

                                                     We believe a vivacious bio pharmaceutical analysis                                                                business is important to patients and world health                                                                    This requires:

1. A business setting that conjures up and rewards investment in analysis and development, whereas recognizing the distinctive risks and prices of our industry’s marketplace
2. A thriving and cooperative scientific scheme that advances information and innovation
3. A modern, clear regulative system that evolves with the science to bring safe and effective medicines to patients quickly
4. A correct valuation for innovative medicines.


​Our Pharmaceutical analysis and makers represents innovative

bio pharmaceutical analysis and discovery firms. Vrtik is dedic-

-ated to advancing public policies in Asian country and round

the world that support innovative medical analysis yield progress for patients nowadays and supply hope for the treatments and cures of tomorrow